What's Nu?*

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April 3, 2022 This site contains a wide variety of traditional recipes scattered on many different pages that can sometimes be hard to find. I've also been posting on a blog a lot of vegetarian recipes for Passover, a hard time to maintain a healthy vegetarian diet when both beans and grains are restricted! To make it easier to find these many recipes, I have created a recipe finder, a page that lists all of the recipes I have posted with a short description and links to the recipes. It also includes some filters to help you find the kind of recipe you want.
April 1, 2022 Yes, I do pay attention to the unsuccessful searches on my website now and then. And I noticed recently a number of people unsuccessfully searching for adultery, which somehow I managed to miss on the page about sex! That oversight has been corrected.
December 28, 2021 I have resisted writing about the Holocaust for decades, on the theory that this site is about who we are and what we do, not about what was done to us. But recent events have made want to put something out there. Rather than tell the same facts that are adequately covered all over the Internet, I decided to tell some personal stories from my extended family. See Holocaust: A Personal View.

*For those who don't get the pun: "nu" is a Yiddish word equivalent to English words like "so?" or "well?," and can be used all by itself to mean "What's new?"

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