Parshat Tetzaveh (You Shall Command)

The Torah portion is Tetzaveh, Exodus 27:20-30:10. In synagogues using the Triennial system, 5784 is year 2 and the Torah reading is Exodus 28:31-29:18.

Tetzaveh (Command) continues the discussion of sacred objects, including the Neir Tamid (continual light), the garments of the priests, including the Breastplate of Judgment and the Urim and Thummim. It discusses the anointing of the priests and the seven days of offerings of consecration. Concludes with the building the Altar of Incense, used only for incense and not for other offerings or for any "strange" (zarah) incense.

The haftarah is Ezekiel 43:10-43:27. Like the Torah portion, this talks about the building of an Altar and the consecration of it.