Parshat Eiqev (Consequences)

The Torah portion is Eiqev, Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25. In synagogues using the Triennial system, 5783 is year 1 and the Torah reading is Deuteronomy 7:12-9:3.

This portion speaks about the positive consequences of following Torah rules, and speaks of the benefits that the Children of Israel received along the way from Egypt. It also reminds us of some of the negative consequences of rebellion, like the incident with the Golden Calf. It recalls more of the journey, and wraps up with the second paragraph of the Shema, the most central prayer in Jewish liturgy.

The haftarah is for 2nd Haftarah of Consolation, Isaiah 49:14-51:3. This passage promises that G-d has not forgotten Israel, that the people will return to the Promised Land, and the land that had become barren and empty will once again be crowded and prosperous.