Parshat Miqeitz (At the End)

The Torah portion is Miqeitz, Genesis 41:1-44:17. In synagogues using the Triennial system, 5783 is year 1 and the Torah reading is Genesis 41:1-41:52.

Joseph interprets Pharoah's dreams, predicts famine and provides the means to prepare, becomes a powerful man and marries. He is reunited with his brothers, who don't recognize him, and he tricks them.

There is a special seventh aliyah (7th piece of the Torah reading) for Rosh Chodesh Shabbat: Numbers 28:9-15. This portion lays out the offerings made on Rosh Chodesh (the beginning of the new month) when it occurs on a Shabbat.

There is a special maftir portion (the final piece of the Torah reading) for Chanukah Day 6: Numbers 7:42-47. This portion lists the gifts given on the sixth day of another dedication: the Mishkan, the portable sanctuary in the wilderness.

The haftarah is I Kings 3:15-4:1. This is the well-known story of King Solomon, who says to divide a child in two to identify the real mother. It connects to the Torah portion because it begins with Solomon waking from a dream, as Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's dream.